Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 State Farm Run

Just a reminder that the 2015 State Farm Run is next Saturday.  The race kicks off the 2015 Lincoln Track Club race schedule.  Great way to gauge your training for the Lincoln Marathon and 1/2 Marathon.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cut & Run........& Bike...........& Swim

I've felt a little lost since finishing the 50 state marathon journey in Las Vegas last fall.  I am someone who is much more disciplined when I have a goal, and without a calendar of marathons to look forward to, my training has lacked focus.  I've always been fascinated by triathlons.  So I decided that this would be the year!  I have signed up for the triathlon at the Cornhusker State Games this summer. Of course, I had to pick the year when the CSG hosts the State Games of America, of which NOASM is a sponsor.  Nebraska athletes are exempt from qualifying.  Good thing, too, because I am a very poor swimmer and not much better on the bike.  I'm nervous, but excited to try something new.