Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bayshore Marathon, cont.

Here is a short video showing a portion of the marathon course.  Very picturesque.

#18--Madison Marathon

Madison, WI
May 24, 2009

The very first race I ever ran was the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day in 1996.  Since then, Memorial Day weekend for me has usually included some type of road race.  The weekend of 2009 was no exception.  This was the weekend I ran the Madison Marathon in Madison Wisconsin.

My wife and I drove up and spent the weekend with our two dogs.  Although I had interviewed for residency there many years ago, this was my first real trip to Mad-Town.  The weekend was great.

The course carried you through the many different neighborhoods of this midwestern city, including, of course, the lakes and University.  I ran a strong race and finished under 4 hours.  In true Wisconsin style, runners at the finish area were offered string cheese, chocolate milk, and Miller Lite.  To top it off, the marathon co-incided with one of the world's largest bratwurst festivals.  I'm not sure if I added or subtracted to my overall life expectancy that day.

Although the marathon and mini-vacation that weekend were memorable, the best part was when we returned to Lincoln.  My wife, who had been trying to get pregnant for a while, informed me that we would soon be expecting our first child.  Our lives would never be the same!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

#34--Bayshore Marathon

Traverse City, Michigan
May 26, 2012

This was my last spring marathon of 2012, and probably the best of the four I've done in 2012. I had planned to run it last year and even had a hotel and airfare booked, only to have to cancel these plans when I missed registration. Advice--it is probably best to actually sign up for a race before making travel arrangements.

Traverse City is a popular tourist destination in Northern Michigan. It was pretty easy to get to with a short connecting flight from Chicago. Bayshore is a small marathon limited to a couple thousand runners. The course is a simple out and back along the shores of the East Grand Traverse Bay. It was mostly flat with a few rolling hills. Weather was perfect--calm, overcast, and cool.

I felt really good during the race, holding a steady 10 minute per mile pace. I ran the second half a minute faster than the first, which is a rarity for me. I've been doing "boot camp" again for a couple weeks, and I credit that for my improved strength and ability to maintain pace over 26 miles.

If you are looking for a small destination marathon in a beautiful part of the country, look no further than Bayshore. Hurry though, this small race fills up fast when registration opens in December.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

#34 in the books

I just finished #34 and will now cross off Michigan from the map. I ran the Bayshore Marathon in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, registering a time of 4:21:05. Now it's time for a nap with my 7 month old, who apparently gets so nervous the night before a race that he can't/won't sleep!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lincoln Marathon-Team Thatcher

Some of you might have heard of Team Thatcher and seen runners wearing the yellow jerseys in support of the team and cause at this weekends Lincoln 1/2 and full marathon. Thatcher is a little boy who has struggled with various medical issues his whole life.  He receives extensive therapy and is now able to walk with a walker.  His parents are raising money to help make the elementary school playground that he will eventually attend more accessible and functional.

Here is a link to an inspirational video.  Everybody who crossed the finish line Sunday was a winner, but none probably brought more tears of joy than this little boy and his parents.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Born to Run?

Many anthropologists believe humans were "born to run."  New research helps explain the "runner's high" in evolutionary terms.  An interesting read.....

Congratulations, Runners!

Congratulations to the thousands of runners who completed the Lincoln 1/2 and full marathon yesterday.  I provided orthopaedic coverage at the medical tent and saw first hand the look of anguish on many faces.  Congratulations as well to the organizers for putting on another fine race.  As somebody who has run over 30 different marathons, I have a broad perspective.  It is gratifying to see the Lincoln 1/2 and full marathon solidify it's place as the premier race in the state, with a growing regional and national reputation, too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ben Davis coming to Lincoln

In a previous post I profiled Ben Davis.  He is coming to Lincoln and will be the featured speaker at the Expo on Saturday.

Welcome to Nebraska, Ben.