Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lincoln Marathon-Team Thatcher

Some of you might have heard of Team Thatcher and seen runners wearing the yellow jerseys in support of the team and cause at this weekends Lincoln 1/2 and full marathon. Thatcher is a little boy who has struggled with various medical issues his whole life.  He receives extensive therapy and is now able to walk with a walker.  His parents are raising money to help make the elementary school playground that he will eventually attend more accessible and functional.

Here is a link to an inspirational video.  Everybody who crossed the finish line Sunday was a winner, but none probably brought more tears of joy than this little boy and his parents.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Tears indeed! I had several friends running for Thatcher, and even though I wasn't in a yellow shirt, when I was struggling, I dug a little deeper and ran for him. His mom is one of the strongest ladies I know. Thank you also for being on the course cheering. Sarah S.