Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 in review

I'm a little late with my 2013 review.  2013 was another ambitious year.  I finished eight marathons, including two "doubles," running back to back marathons on Saturday/Sunday.  I capped off the year running the Marine Corp Marathon, my 3rd marathon in 15 days.

Fastest Marathon--I use this term very loosely, but my fastest marathon was the Louisiana Marathon last January, clocking a 4:30.

Best Family Trip--This title goes to the Missoula Marathon.  My wife and I traveled with our 3 month old baby girl, and she got to see what all the fuss was about.  Runner up--MCM in DC.  All 5 of us in a hotel room for 5 days.  My wife would disagree about this being a highlight!

Coolest Medal--My boys liked the Atlantic City Marathon, which had a flashing red lighthouse.

Best Post Race Party--Louisiana Marathon.  Not surprising that the Cajuns throw the best party.

Best Aid Station--The group at the Tobacco Road marathon in North Carolina who were all dressed as characters from the Big Lebowski.  They gave out fig newtons, which as it turns out, is great food to fuel on during a race.

Toughest Conditions--Atlantic City.  Very windy, blowing sand, and the second leg of my second Double Weekend.

Biggest Surprise--Snow in Myrtle Beach, the day after the marathon.

Coolest Thing--Being congratulated by a line of Marines after finishing the MCM.

Favorite Race--Instant Classic trail marathon in Virginia.  Only my second ever trail race, but I am hooked after this one.

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