Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blisters 101

Blisters can be the bane of the runner's existence.  The cause of blisters is too much friction, usually the result of poorly fitting shoes.  Before you buy a new pair of shoes have your feet measured and examined by a professional shoe salesperson.  Readers of this blog know that I recommend The Lincoln Running Company, or whatever your local running shoe store is.  It's also important to wear clean, dry socks.  My two favorite pairs of socks are Wright Socks, which have two layers that reduce friction between your feet and socks, and Injinji, or so-called "toe-socks."  These are particularly helpful if you are prone to blisters on the toes.  If you develop a blister it's important to keep it clean to prevent secondary infection, and you need to modify your activity to let the blister heal.  I've had good luck with the Spenco Second Skin Blister Kit.

WebMD has a nice article on blisters, here:

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