Friday, November 25, 2011

#11--Chamber Country Classic

Maryville, MO
June 10, 2006

Once I got to 10 marathons, I started to feel like a "real" runner.  I was able to join the 50 States & DC club.  I've included a link to the club on this blog.

I was still in residency so I didn't have that much time to train.  I learned that I could train for a marathon by doing two or three short runs during the week (3-5 miles each) and a long run on the weekends (start at 6 miles, build to 20 during an 18 wk plan).  I found this schedule very manageable.  By now my wife realized that marathons weren't just a phase, and that I would be gone for a few hours each weekend.  Her understanding has been instrumental.

Missouri was the next border state on my list.  Maryville, MO is a short drive from Omaha.  I remember we stayed at the vacant dorms on the campus of Northwest Missouri State.  $10 for a dorm room the night before the race!  Ah, sleeping (or trying to sleep) in those small, plastic covered mattresses brought back some memories.

This was a small race, with two loops around the town.  There were some very long hills that were a challenge.  The thing I remember most about this race was the fact that it was the first one during which I listened to my iPod.  The distraction was nice, particularly on this small, mostly rural marathon.  Unfortunately, I got so distracted that I missed a turn at one point.  The volunteers tried to correct me, but I couldn't hear them!  One nice man got in a car and drove to track me down and set me straight.  I didn't get that far off, thanks to his help.

This marathon definitely wasn't Chicago or Boston, but it was a small, friendly race that was easy for me to get to, and very economical.  As a resident short on time and money, it was perfect.

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